Robert Redford’s words of encouragement to journalists

Robert Redford likes the work of student journalists, and he said it is as important as ever in this age of democratization of news.

Last weekend, the Associated Collegiate Press held its 27th annual Midwinter National College Journalism Convention in Los Angeles, Hollywood to be exact. Redford appeared at a press conference before approximately 300 students to promote his new movie, “The Conspirator.” Students questioned him about his creative process for that film as well as others. His work for “All the President’s Men” came up about a half hour into the presser. He said that’s where he learned the importance of accuracy and getting every fact exactly right.
ACP is the college program of National Scholastic Press Association.
The students got over the star power and really asked thoughtful questions. It should be noted that the best-attended single session of the convention was the one where journalists were actually doing real journalism.
Here’s a clip of the last minute of the talk, where Redford appreciates the work of journalists.
Yes, I got to meet and introduce Redford, and in our 15-second chat, I thanked him for making that great movie in 1976 and shared how much my students enjoyed it even years later.

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