Coverage ideas: Climate change

The world is getting hotter, and humans are causing it. There’s now no disputing these facts. The climate change crisis has become even more pronounced as extreme weather events have become more extreme and more common. This summer saw the heat dome in the Pacific Northwest, wildfires in Oregon, California, British Columbia and Greece, exceptional flooding in Germany and China, rising shorelines and more. Recent surveys show attitudes among younger people favor strong actions, such as favoring alternative energy sources, even at the expense of economic growth. However, significant differences exist not just between generations but also political beliefs, race and ethnicity.

Key question: What are your students doing about climate change?

  • How is climate change affecting your community?
  • Conduct your own survey using questions similar to the Pew Research Center to determine the opinions of people in your school community.
  • What are the actions your school is taking to teach about climate change and to take action to mitigate the effects of climate change?
  • Interview local elected officials about their stance on proposals to curb climate change.
  • Who are the people at your school most engaged on issues of climate change? What are they doing about it?
  • What are ways students can take action — small to large?

The list reflects what I have read, heard and seen in my own media diet, so it comes from my perspective. Chicago is also over-represented because that’s where I live and work. The list is not meant to be comprehensive or exclusive of other ideas. Many of the stories were covered by multiple outlets, but links here lean toward sites available without a subscription, particularly nonprofit news sites like NPR and The 19th.

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